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'Adbassa beauty LLC was established In Savannah, GA 2014 By me Mrs., Tawanna Baker Dupree. I started as just a woman with a thought of making natural products for my family after suffering from harsh chemicals out of the stores most of us shop at every day, but then I said to myself Why not be a service to others around the world. I love what I do, and each product is made right in my home. Each product is enchanted with my soul and hard work. I now live in Warner Robins, Georgia now, and is keeping my business going. I am also a Certified Skin Nutritional Dermatologist, Anti-ageing Practitioner, Microbiologist, Plant-based skincare formulator, and an Advanced Beauty Nutrition Practitioner. Something special about Adbassa beauty is that it's a holistic plant - based product line that is geared towards being natural, original, and ancient.  How did Adbassa get its name? The name "Adbassa" comes from the West African tribe called the Ad Bassa tribe. These people were the descendants of the Nile people. At one point the whole continent of Africa was one huge landmass, so there was no separation. This name is grounded around my bloodline and way of life of animism. Meaning the practice of living by laws of natural nature. Using mother nature finest ingredients, I strive to provide beautiful unique products for your skin.

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